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Multi-Object Diffraction-limited High-resolution Infrared Spectrograph

MODHIS is a multi-object diffraction-limited high-resolution infrared facility for TMT-NFIRAOS. The science case of MODHIS focuses on exoplanet science (transit and direct spectroscopy, PRV) but with a broad reach in Solar system, galactic and extra-galactic science as well. ​The notional concept features a very compact and stable, cost-effective spectrograph called HISPEC and built to fully exploit the existing NFIRAOS infrastructure and boost the scientific reach of TMT after first light. MODHIS is based on the latest diffraction-limited single-mode fiber injection, detector, multiplexing, and calibration (Laser Frequency Comb) technologies, and will provide unprecedented capabilities to the TMT community, potentially soon after the commissioning and science verification of NFIRAOS and IRIS, which it perfectly complements. MODHIS will take R ≃100,000 spectra from 0.95 to 2.5 μm simultaneously, of up to 4 objects in a r=5" field of view sampled at the diffraction limit.