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Prime cage on the Hale telescope
Kaew in the 200-inch telescope prime focus cage with the WIRC+POL instrument.

WIRC+POL is a high precision near-infrared imaging low-resolution spectro-polarimeter mode for WIRC, the Prime focus wide-field infrared camera of the 200-inch Hale telescope on Mt Palomar. WIRC+POL uses a new technology called polarization grating. The 200-inch is the largest equatorial-Cassegrain telescope in operation. This configuration is optimal for high precision polarimetry since it introduces little and stable instrumental polarization. This endeavor will ultimately help us break through the veil of clouds in exoplanets and brown dwarfs, provide new and unique capabilities to Palomar. Other science cases include the study of SuperNovae, Solar system (e.g. asteroids), exoplanets, young stellar objects, etc.