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Courses (2021-22)

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Ay 101
Physics of Stars
9 units (3-0-6)  | first term
Prerequisites: Ay 20 is recommended.
Physics of stellar interiors and atmospheres. Properties of stars, stellar spectra, radiative transfer, line formation. Stellar structure, stellar evolution. Nucleosynthesis in stars. Stellar oscillations.
Instructor: Mawet
Ay 105
Optical Astronomy Instrumentation Lab
9 units (1-5-3)  | third term
Prerequisites: Ay 20.
An opportunity for astronomy and physics undergraduates (juniors and seniors) to gain firsthand experience with the basic instrumentation tools of modern optical and infrared astronomy. The 10 weekly lab experiments include radiometry measurements, geometrical optics, polarization, optical aberrations, spectroscopy, CCD characterization, vacuum and cryogenic technology, infrared detector technology, adaptive optics (wavefront sensors, deformable mirrors, closed loop control) and a coronography tuturial.
Instructor: Mawet
Ay 111 ab
Introduction to Current Astrophysics Research
1 unit (1-0-0)  | first, second, third terms
This course is intended primarily for first-year Ay graduate students, although participation is open and encouraged. Students are required to attend seminar-style lectures given by astrophysics faculty members, describing their research, to attend the weekly astronomy colloquia, and to follow these with additional readings on the subject. At the end of each term, students are required to summarize in oral or written form (at the discretion of the instructor), one of the covered subjects that is of most interest to them.
Instructors: Djorgovski, Howard, Hopkins