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Principal Investigator

David Morrisroe Professor of Astronomy; Jet Propulsion Laboratory Senior Research Scientist

Graduate Students

Graduate Student
Graduate Student
Graduate Student
Graduate Student

Postdoctoral Fellows

Postdoctoral Scholar Research Associate in Astronomy
Postdoctoral Scholar Research Associate in Astronomy
David and Ellen Lee Postdoctoral Scholar Research Associate in Astronomy
51 Pegasi b Postdoctoral Scholar Research Associate in Astronomy

Staff and Visitors

Instrument Scientist
Senior Faculty Associate in Astronomy
Instrument Engineer
Staff Scientist
Optics and Systems Group Lead
Visitor in Astronomy


Former Hubble Fellow at JPL and Caltech, now Assistant Astronomer at Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Marseille (France).
Former Research Assistant, now graduate student at UoA.
Former IPAC/Caltech postdoc. Now Head of Data Science and Analytics at Mental Health Innovations (UK).
Former Caltech Prize Postdoc. Now Assistant Professor at UCSB.
Former Caltech postdoc. Now AO scientist at W.M. Keck Observatory.
Former Caltech Prize Postdoc. Now research scientist at NASA AMES.
Former Caltech undergraduate student and research assistant. Now grad student at UCLA.
Former Caltech grad student. Now at Lockheed Martin.
Former Caltech/IPAC postdoc. Now analyst at Center for Naval Analyses (CNA).
Former Caltech postdoc. Now Data Scientist IPAC/Caltech (Pasadena, CA).
Caltech GPS Alumnus (class of 2017). Now Senior Analyst at the BC Ministry of Health and Public Health Officer.
Caltech Astronomy Alumnus (class of 2016). Now Assistant Professor at UH.
Caltech Astronomy Alumnus (class of 2018). Now Assistant Professor at UCSC.
Former Caltech postdoc. Now Assistant Professor at Ohio State University.
Caltech Astronomy Alumnus (class of 2020). Staff Researcher as the National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand.
Former Hubble Fellow at Caltech. Now Assistant Professor at UCLA.
Former Caltech Graduate Student and postdoc. Now Optical Engineer at JPL/Caltech.
Former Caltech postdoc, now at OCA (Nice).
Former Prize Postdoc fellow at Caltech. Now Research Scientist at UCSD.
Software engineering for exoplanet instrumentation.
Former Visitor in Astronomy and IPAC/Caltech. Now postdoctoral fellow at CSU Northridge.
Caltech GPS Alumna (class of 2022). Now postdoctoral fellow at Carnegie DTS.
Former 51 Pegasi b fellow at Caltech, now Assistant Professor at Northwestern University.